Interaction Checker

New comedications and new/renamed drug classes

Friday 22 December 2023

The final updates for this year have been made to the interaction checker.

  • Nine new comedications have been added, including 6 herbal preparations (see below)
  • The Vitamins/Supplements class has been renamed to Vitamins/Supplements/Herbals, with St John’s wort moving from Antidepressants and Red yeast rice moving from Other to the renamed class.
  • A new “Antihaemorrhagics” drug class has been created with eltrombopag, fostamatinib and tranexamic acid moving from “Other” to the new class.

New Drugs
Antihaemorrhagics:  Avatrombopag
Other: Cytisine (Cytisinicline), Drotaverine
Vitamins/Supplements/Herbals: African potato, Ayahuasca, Cat's claw, Coenzyme Q10, Milk thistle, Turmeric

These latest additions take the total of new comedications added in 2023 to 147.

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